Monday, September 21, 2009

the journey

i was like a boy scout.
so prepared was i.
that arsenal of entertainment
probably could have lasted for another 8 hours.
it made 11 hours seem like
a blink of the eye.
okay, quite a few blinks.
but (and this is the part where
i give credit where credit is due)
i will say that alex's
last minute decision to buy us
the extra leg room was sheer brilliance.
and so worth it.
not only did we have room to breathe,
we had spare seats over there,
and over there, and behind. . .
and we did just fine.

now changing planes in dulles
was not our favorite part of the journey.
talk about madhouse.
but my husband's other stroke of genius
was to order me a wheelchair.
yes, i laughed too.
but when i got off that plane
and ebony was there waiting for me
("mom, why is her face dirty?")
and we shoved our bags underneath
and then all three of us piled onto
that blessed wheelchair
and were wheeled to the front of each line,
i wasn't laughing anymore.
i was thanking my lucky stars
(for a brilliant husband).

and after she wheeled us through
passport control, customs, bag recheck
and all the way to the gate,
we had a few minutes to have a snack,
enjoy some comic relief
teaching my girls what a drinking fountain is
and how to drink from it,
and then to express my dissatisfaction
with the united gate assistant
when he told me there was no pre-boarding
for children--
no, not even if the mother is alone
and 8 months pregnant
and has been traveling for 15 hours already.
no, the airlines just don't
surprise me much anymore.

but after a little more comic relief
as the three of us tried to maneuver
a bathroom trip on the airplane
all together
(okay, i wasn't laughing, i'll be honest),
milla was out cold,
avi settled in behind annie
and those final three hours
were by far the longest.

but arriving in denver
after all those hours
and listening to the melody
of the train that took us to baggage claim
was music to my ears--
a sound i haven't heard in 3 years.
and the open arms
of my perfect parents
well that was just like,
you know. . .

coming home.


Mindi said...

welcome home jen! back to the u.s. of a! so glad your travels were made better, but that brilliant husband of yours.

enjoy your time here. we will miss seeing you, and the girls, and meeting your new little man. all our love. xo.

Susan said...

that makes me cry-wish I was there, too.

Jodi said...

So glad you're here safe and sound. Can't wait to see you soon! Alex - you're golden!

happyfamily said...

I love it. Welcome back!

We're flying to Hong Kong with the entire family, although I get to bring my husband. I'm not joking when I say 18 hours of STRAIGHT flying just might kill me. And then a layover and then more flying. I'll have to take a page from your book.

I love the things your kids get to see new. Black people? Drinking fountains? Who would have known?

Julie said...

So glad the journey went well and is completed. I had been thinking about you. Kudos to Alex for splurging for the extra leg room and ordering the wheelchair!

greta said...

I think the last time I did this with two little ones in tow, I ended up crying my eyes out on the phone to anyone who would listen!! I guess I should add I was stand-by and kept getting bumped. After spending the day at the airport I had my dad purchase a ticket to get us out of dodge!!! I'm amazed you made it through with NO tears!! Kudos

enjoy your family-