Thursday, September 17, 2009

little americans

and as we dove into
our caprese salad and homemade pesto pasta,
i told milla
this is the real thing--
our friends from italy could quite possibly be
some of the best hosts i know,
and we are so lucky to enjoy dinner
prepared by them.
and as i reminded milla
that her little friend is from italy,
she made the statement
that both answered a nudging question i've had
as well as gave me a few drops of contentment:
-and we're from america.
-yes!  you're right, we are.

so she does think so.
i don't want to go thinking about
how american my girls are.
but i do just want them to feel
a large connection to the place.
and not just because i tell them
they are americans.

and tomorrow, my girls,
we're off to that place.
we're off to get a good four-month-dose
of strengthening that connection.
so look out, america,
we're coming back.


Melanie said...

Will your first stop be at Applebee's for lunch? :o)
What stops will you be making while you are here? Safe travels! Wish we could cross paths.

DeAnn said...

I remember making Primo Presto Pesto Pizza (or something like that) with you.

christine said...

Yahoo! Can't wait to see you guys. Safe (and happy) travels!

Jodi said...

Wishing you safe and easy travel.... Can't wait to see you!

Emma said...

We'd love to see you if you're going to be in our neck of the woods at all. Good luck!

JaneH said...

Jen, We are so glad you are coming home for a while. Can't wait to see those darling girls. Also to spend sometime with their Mother.

Sue said...

Have a safe trip!