Tuesday, September 22, 2009

long days

and one may be inclined to ask,
how can you have a bad night
after bedtime stories with grandma?
lest we forget,
a ten-hour time difference
is not an overnight jet-lag transition.
after a 30-something-hour-day
you may think sheer exhaustion would grant you
a good, long night's sleep.
however, your body's time clock
has other plans.
and that involves waking up at 1 am.
and refusing to go back to sleep.
speaking of long days. . .

yes, each subsequent night
does get a little better, bit by bit,
hour by hour.
but how many times
in the last four days
has a poor four-year-old
come into my room at 3 am
tapping me with tears streaming down her face
to say:
mom, what time are we
going to be done sleeping?
i want to go back to moscow
cause it's daytime there. . .
i don't want to come here anymore
cause everyone sleeps for a long time.
and with a hug
a few strokes through the hair
and some reassurance that every day
will be a little better,
i show her the clock
and say,
when this says six-zero-zero
it will be daytime.
just try to sleep a little bit longer. . .

and as she heads back to bed
i flip on my light
and grab my book, because i know
fighting the body's clock
is futile.


Andi Simiskey said...

This is the hardest part... getting back to some normalcy. I am so glad you had a wheelchair at the airport. I should have done that!

LKC said...

One tylonel pm can take the edge off. My dr okay-ed it for me during pregnancy.