Wednesday, September 16, 2009


it's honestly
like trying to find a needle in a haystack,
finding something not mass produced
in a sweat shop,
but actually purchased directly
from the artisan,
where clearly hours of painstaking work
was put in out of sheer pride
in the finished result.
of course they don't appreciate
the astounding amount of detail
and finishing touches put on them
as they act out the fairy tales
before bedtime,
but i admire each one
every time we pull them out.


happyfamily said...

Maybe this is a silly question, but is etsy not really functional there?

As a knitter who has knitted toys for my kids, I know how much work goes into these. I'm glad that you appreciate them- I know MY kids don't! :)

Katya said...

i am very interesting in this kind of stuff. I do knit toys and i am happy that out there is people who like them too.

Katya said...

how big they are?