Tuesday, September 8, 2009


being a parent is, before all,
a school of patience.
there are some facets of it, of course,
that require less of it than others.
teaching her to sew that parrot
one small stitch at a time
is not one of those things.

but then i have to stop and remind myself
of how long it still takes me
to learn one thing or another.
i still fall on my face plenty,
i still make the same mistakes over and over.

and so we carry on,
her taking 8 tries to get the right hole
on the parrot,
and me trying to learn something
by each fall.


happyfamily said...

Ours recently has been learning to play "Jenga", the classic block stacking game. My children lack the logic that if 2 pieces are missing from a row, removing the third will knock it over.

Not a game to be played if you are short on patience.

JaneH said...

Patience.... the name of the game.
And it's all worth it in the end.