Monday, September 28, 2009


it's true, my friends,
you can take the girl out of colorado,
but you can't take
colorado out of the girl.

these rocky mountains
were my playground
for so many years.
so many blessed years of 
hiking, camping, biking
rock climbing, picnicking, etc.
and this weekend,
i finally got to return to them.

with a little reunion
with auntie lindsay and uncle hank,
the lucky ones that get to live
so close to my mountains.

on a gorgeous indian summer weekend,
breathing the mountain air,
and picnicking next to the rushing river.

i just can't get back often enough.


Susan said...

I miss it, too! Nothing like those beautiful mountains. Remember the time I brought a picnic lunch to the bike shop where you worked and we ate at a nearby park? Those were the days...

Lindsay Van Orden said...

amen sister. i live right by them and can't get enough. we had such a good time!!! you can bring your girls (and almost little boy) back anytime and we'll frolic through the meadows of that lovely playground anytime you want. it really was a good trip, wasn't it? gotta love those rockies. :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

Glad to have you back. Colorado misses you too! Love ya

Davian said...

ah, that air, especially in autumn...