Wednesday, September 23, 2009


by far the biggest loss
of not returning to my home state
for 3 years
is the lost time spent with those
i am lucky enough to be able to claim as relatives.
chief among them
are my sweet grandparents.
i couldn't believe
it had really been 3 years since we'd seen them,
so familiar it was
stepping into their house,
feeling grandpa's strong hug
and hearing grandma's "hi darlin'!"

but after realizing how long it had been,
it dawned on me
that my girls hardly know them--
and that avi was only 2 months old
last time we were together.
the sacrifice we make by living abroad. . .

but after several hours in their cozy,
familiar home,
with grandma's home cooking,
creating in her craft room,
playing games together,
and swinging on the porch swing
while the rain came down
we left by giving anxious and generous hugs,
and i felt we'd almost made up
for lost time.

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Ann said...

So glad you're surrounded by home comforts and family right now. Moscow to Denver is no easy feat--molodets. Hang in there these last few weeks--they're always the toughest. Cheers!