Tuesday, September 29, 2009


we were pulling out of the garage
all packed up and ret to go.
yes i was a biology major
and saw and studied plenty of this stuff.

but seeing such an extraordinary creation
definitely warranted
putting the car in park,
everyone unbuckling and climbing out,
 cars having to drive around us
as we all squatted down
and observed up close and personal
another wonder of nature.


Bess said...

We just saw one of these on our doorstep the other day. Such neat little creatures.

JonathanandDesiree said...

Amazing!! One came into our house
on Monday. The boys and I carefully captured
it and let it go outside in the trees next to
our house. They kept asking me what it
was called and I couldn't tell them since I
have never seen one. I can't believe you
had one too!!

Liberty de Surville said...

ok! so baby in the belly and a creature like this. tell me that the intelligence of creation doesn't reign supreme! so lovely to hear that you took the time.