Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2:48 am

my dear son:

as the quiet snow falls heavily outside,
you keep me awake.

and this time it's not 
your kicking and squirming.

it's you telling me it's time.

you must have misread that last line
that i posted, thinking "someone's special day"
surely meant you.
actually it's milla's birthday today.
and i haven't even had a chance
to bake the cupcakes yet.
or whip up the six shades of brightly colored frosting
she's been requesting for months.
it looks like you're stealing her show.

i do stand astonished,
that you are coming into this world
all by yourself,
without chemical stimulation as your sisters necessitated.
it feels odd
to be feeling these pains at home
without that monitor to show me each peak,
and closely watching the clock
to decide when to wake your father
and call the doctor.
it's a good thing we packed the bag, just tonight.

i just got your pacifiers boiled today, don't worry.
and that doll avi put so lovingly in the swing tonight?
she'll get out of your way
as soon as you come home, i promise.

everyone is anxious.

i'm off to throw my toothbrush in.
we'll see you soon. . .


JonathanandDesiree said...

Good luck Friend!!

LKC said...

Good luck! We're anxiously awaiting the details.

Ann said...

O, Jen!!!! Yahh!!!! I hope everything went/is going well. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers. And I can't believe you had the composure to write such a beautiful message while in the midst of labor. Wow.

Bess said...

Woohoo for not being induced. Can't wait to hear the details.

JaneH said...

Oh Jen! How much we love you.

happyfamily said...

Ah, apparently your son is not the only one to misread the message, as I made the same mistake. Mistake... or premonition!? :) Hope all goes well. Lots of love and prayers coming your way!

Rebecca said...

and even time and presence of mind to write so prolifically! How beautiful and good luck!

Amy said...

Been thinking of you for days. Can't wait to hear that all is well, and see this cute boy.