Wednesday, October 7, 2009

animal psychology

little did i know
one of the million requirements
for successful motherhood
is a degree in animal psychology.
a simple trip to the zoo
proved my blatant inadequacy in this area.
"mom, why isn't he jumping in the water?"
"mama, why isn't he going inside?"
"mom, why is he just sitting there?"
"why isn't he eating?"

i have to admit
most of my answers grossly lacked in creativity.
and that was proven by the end of the day,
when her own questions were followed
by "because he doesn't want to?"

"yes, avi, i think it's just because
he doesn't want to."

1 comment:

christine said...

that's hilarious. i remember taking a trip to the zoo right before sydney was born -- all that walking just about put me into labor. hopefully it did you some good, too. :)