Friday, October 2, 2009

big red bed

i can't help but think of
my father's childhood on that farm in idaho.
where he and his two older brothers
all shared a double bed
for so many years.
where he was squeezed into the middle,
because he was the youngest.
where he with pride recalls the string
they attached to the light,
so they wouldn't have to get out of bed
to turn it off.
from which they would roll out
early in the mornings to milk the cows.
i'm not sure how fun
he thought it was at the time,
but what a memory of growing up
and brotherhood bonding.

and each night
when i go in to peek on them
sharing that big red bed together,
especially when their baby sleep
lands them nestled together,
or an arm gets thrown across the other,
i think of my father's childhood memories
of that double bed.
and how sentimental and charming it is
to share a bed with a sibling.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Love it. My oldest finally demanded her own room, but she still sneaks in to sleep with her younger sisters. I hope she always does.