Tuesday, October 20, 2009

conversation piece

so it's one thing
to move back to america
and be culture-shocked by
the openness and friendliness
of the average american.
by their casual conversation
with just any old stranger--
personal questions, no holds barred. . .

it's another thing to move back
to such a country
with such an obvious conversation piece
plastered on my front.
and if i can make it through
one public place without a:
"when are you due?  we've got a bet going."
"you could tell me you were due today
and i would have believed you. . ."
"wow, any day now, huh?"
"are you sure it's not twins?"
then it's pretty much a miracle.

so, my business is america's business
these days.

and so if you are america,
and would like to know,
my due date is sunday.
but don't go holding your breath.


greta said...

what is it about being pregnant? are there no limits?? hang in there. soon it will be a cozy warm sleeping baby they are waking to get a closer look at ;)

happyfamily said...

Wow, Sunday!

And... other countries don't do this?! Lucky....

Ann said...

You look awesome. Will Alex be there?

DeAnn said...

It did help me cut to the front of a bathroom line once. :) Good luck!! Can't wait to read the news online.

Sue said...

It's simply not fair that you can look so beautiful the very week you are due.

Oh, the inequity of it all...


My Family said...

I am happy for you!Sunday! We will wait!

Melissa said...

love it. thinking about you. good luck sunday!