Friday, October 9, 2009

flying ducks

when i was a kid,
there was a list
on the back of the pantry door.
a to do list.
not a list of errands, or chores.
a list of ideas for bored kids.
and whenever we came to my brilliant
and heroic mother with our,
"mom, what can i do?"
we were kindly referred to the to do list.
i remember scouring it
for something interesting to pop out.
and off i would go
to engage myself in some activity.
a must have for any pantry door, really.
(now if only i had a pantry. . .)

but one thing i remember from that list
was the
"lay on the lawn and find shapes in the clouds"
such a serene and dreamy activity
for young children.
and while we've never had the lawn
to do this on,
i'm still encouraged
to see my girls doing this all on their own,
even from the back seat of the car,
as avi found this duck one night.
exercises in imagination,
very healthy.


Sue said...

Great photo. My sister and I also used to find cloud pictures together.


Josie said...

Jen--I'm stealing your mom's idea. Love it.

katie said...

that's such a great idea! i wonder what other things were on the list.