Monday, October 26, 2009

organic farm

okay, okay
so sometimes i admit
i complain that my parents
live 20 minutes away
from anything worth going to
in any direction.
i guess technically it's suburbs,
but it often feels like the country.

but i am not complaining
about that organic farm
that is only 10 minutes away.
we took advantage
of one of those summer-weather days
and made a field trip
for pumpkin picking,
hay ride,
haystack maze,
and of course, pot-bellied pig petting.

and we are successfully
partaking of some of that
seasonal fall romance
that i am starved of
and long for
in yonder lands.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Just wanted to ask you if I could use that many-pumpkined picture on my blog in November. (I would put a link to your blog, if you like.) The photo is perfect for what I'm doing.

Let me know, okay? No problem if you'd rather I didn't.