Thursday, October 1, 2009


Align Center
now i am slowly starting to get the hang of
this suburban living stuff.
i signed up for some preschool groups
for the girls--
you know, the ones where
all the young mothers
take turns hosting and teaching.
and even though on the first day
i pulled up to the house,
turned off the car, grabbed both my children,
my purse, and locked the car,
i wasn't scoffed and scorned--
when all the other mothers
left their children and purses
and their cars running,
as they ran their preschoolers inside.
i'm adjusting. . . slowly.

of course, spending 1/24th the price
we pay in moscow
has been an easy adjustment.
and after hosting those cute kids
in our home this week,
i will be honest and say,
that plum wears me out.
but the girls are loving it,
and i daresay
don't mind the suburban life
at all.


happyfamily said...

Good for you! That's a big group you've got. We have 5. Although my weeks to teach are pretty tiring, I think it's a great system. And, you're right about the price- it can't be beat. Now if only you lived around here instead....

greta said...

This is our 3rd year doing the preschool thing, but my you have a large group.. your girls look so sweet sitting there.

It kills me that you are so close and I will not get to see you...

Julie said...

Before I read the text, I thought you had posted a picture of all the kids glued to the television. I thought, "So unlike Jen?" I was right.