Thursday, October 15, 2009

project #2

it was finally time to move on
from the old navy pajamas.
not that some of them weren't cute,
but like i said,
i've long waited
some one-on-one time
with my mother's old singer.
we're very much enjoying
our time together.

and i can check project #2
off my list. . .


Davian said...

so cute! it's the kind of thing i dream about making for violet and never get around to.

JaneH said...

And they look so Angelic.

Ann said...

You made those?! There's nothing cuter than little girls in nightgowns, and those are gorgeous.

Amanda said...

Jen where did you get the pattern for those pretty night-gowns?

craft said...

такие дети у тебя прям милашки ты еще фоткаешь их так красиво! молодец! скоро еще одного покажешь и я тоже скажу что он хорошенький

Bess said...

Did you freestyle those or did you have a pattern. They look adorable. I loved wearing nightgowns when I was a kid.