Tuesday, October 27, 2009

project #3

it is time
they start carrying their own
just the right size
for coloring books,
puzzles, snacks
and random sundries.
and no
dora the explorer
plastered all over the front.
(though thank heavens
they don't know who she is).
finished just in time
to be wrapped up with ribbon
for someone's special day
tomorrow. . .


lovely lindsay said...

oh my! i love, i love!
did you use a pattern for those beauties?
love, lindsay

happyfamily said...

Tomorrow's the day? Congratulations! I hope that everything goes smoothly for you! How exciting to meet your little guy!

Carrie said...

what gorgeous bags! yes, did you use a pattern? where did you find it?

Ann said...

Seriously, you're so talented.

mer said...

what pattern did you use?