Friday, October 16, 2009

rendezvous at sunset

after being sorely disappointed
at wednesday's picnic,
with a total absence
of even the smallest of breezes,
we were rewarded for our patience
that sunset outing
back to the park
the following day
provided the colorado october temps
we know and love
along with the dreamiest
of kite flying winds.
our $1 kite performed marvelously
and the little ones'
second ever kite-flying experience
was nothing short of


Mindi said...

I love the last photo.. you and the girls flying a kite. awesome. you look great too! Glad you guys are having so much fun!!

craft said...

крутая в кедах

Ann said...

Those are really great pictures, but where's your belly?

christine said...

We've flown a few kites there, too! Fun. I love the pic of dad and avi, how priceless. You look great! :)

mer said...

Jen! I miss you and Colorado so much! Are you going to be there throughout the fall/winter/remaining pregnancy? Of just be back for Christmas? I'm still trying to see if we can make it there for the Holidays. PJ's are darling btw!

Liberty de Surville said...

these pictures are memories not pictures. i feel i am living your lives with you. beautiful.