Monday, October 19, 2009

rocky mountain roundup

and to think
during my lifetime
this site had it's heyday
in nerve and mustard gas production
to wave in the face
of the soviet union.

now the rocky mountain arsenal
is cleaning itself up, 
stuffing it's waste underground
and transforming itself into a wildlife refuge;
their crowning achievement being
the acquisition of a herd of bison.
and at saturday's rocky mountain roundup
we got a taste of what they've got going on.

aside from the wildlife,
the activities could possibly have been
as far from my girls' moscow culture
as we could get.
but of course, good for them.
i mean, i am from colorado.
questions covered throughout the day:
-what is a lasso?
-what is a teepee?
-what is a cowboy?
-what are chaps?
-what are bison?
-what is a gun?
-why do people fight?

that last question, of course,
stemming from the banging guns
of the buffalo soldiers.
at least we avoided a conversation
about nerve gas and the cold war.
save that one for another day.


Davian said...

reminds me of my own culture shock when i went to the children's rodeo in utah with my niece and nephews this summer, but yours has way more irony. gorgeous pictures.

christine said...

gorgeous colors in those pics. now, that looks like our kind of fun!