Thursday, November 12, 2009

big day

it was a big day
for a little man.

after a morning of shopping,
getting hauled from car to cart,
cart to car. . .
it was back home
for our very first bath.
now after his first sponge baths,
during which he closed his eyes peacefully
and enjoyed them like a spa treatment,
i was more hopeful for
a relaxing experience.
but his face in this photo says it all.
it was not a spa treatment.

and after that
it was hauling off to the drugstore
to be spread on a white poster board
for a photo session,
otherwise known as
passport doc preparation.
this he handled like a champ,
even stayed awake,
didn't cry
and almost turned his head
toward the camera.

and if that weren't enough already,
it was on to the hospital
for the state-mandated genetic screen,
in other words,
getting poked
and squozen
and squozen
and squozen. . .
but as if he still had something to prove to me
after all of this,
he took it like a champ.
i.e. he didn't even let her
wake him from his slumber.

i know it's too soon to say
"oh, he's such a great baby."
he's such a great baby.


Mindi said...

No, it's never too early to say that. :) and.. really? he just had his very first bath?

hope his passport process is speedy.. we need to get that started for Gavin too... for aruba in the spring.. woo-hoo! :)

Susan said...

He looks like such a boy!