Friday, November 13, 2009

the cable-nelson

my father told me
that they willed the old family
cable-nelson piano to me.

how many hours have i spent
sitting on this bench. . .
from the six-year-old days
of twinkle twinkle little star
in so many variations,
to go tell aunt rhody with my eyes closed
to minuets and sonatinas.
it was sitting on this bench
that mozart became my idol.
it was on this bench
i had dreams of becoming a famous musician,
during those hours and hours
of practice.
it was here christine and i
played our duets.
here that we gathered around
for family home evenings,
or to practice musical numbers.
and from here that mother
would play on sunday nights,
as the whole house would resound
with her melodies,
instilling in each of us
a love of music.

with that piano comes
a whole host of memories--
memories that come flooding back
every time i sit at it.


Ann said...

I didn't know you played--what memories and what a gift.

DeAnn said...

How did I not know you played? I guess we didn't have a piano in our apartment. :) I got my parents' piano and it's been great. I don't play as much as I should but my oldest 2 are taking lessons. How does one ship a piano to Russia?!