Tuesday, November 24, 2009

call for help

i have a very, very dear friend.
(greta, you're the best)
who last christmastime
felt some holiday cheer
(and some sympathy)
and thought thoughtfully
to send me
some trader joe's
peppermint-flavored oreos.
i fell in love instantly.

my plight?
i am nowhere near a trader joe's.

surely there is some kind soul out there
who is blessed enough
to be able to shop
at trader joe's regularly.
surely that kind soul
would let me pay them
to send me some more holiday cheer?



Davian said...

let me see what i can do :) i'm at trader joe's twice a week.

K said...

Jen, Send me your address and I will definitely hook you up. My friend just bought me some of those amazing cookies for my birthday. littlechickenator at gmail

K said...

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

And if it doesn't work out with either Davian or K, I'll be glad to send you the Trader Joe good, too.


The Jackson Three said...

I just bought 3 boxes when I was there last week - will gladly send you some if you send me your address. We are also addicted to them and wait for them to appear in the store!

Davian said...

they are on their way. although it sounds like you may be getting truckloads from all directions. merry christmas!