Friday, November 6, 2009


20 years ago
i had no idea
what lie in store for me
in the years to come.
never in my wildest
would i have guessed
i would be living in moscow.

what i would have guessed,
is that i would be living here,
not far from flagstaff mountain.
where i spent hundreds of days
in my high school years--
soaking up the hippie/yuppie culture
of boulder;
climbing its rocks,eating its bagels, 
hiking its trails, smelling its incense,
shopping its silver earrings
and used cd's. . .
i imagined raising my children there--
so near to nature
we could breathe it every day.
i wanted to have my kids
climbing rocks
with chalk bags
by the time they could walk.

well, today i took my kids
to flagstaff mountain
for the first time.
how i reminisced about all the time
i spent there in years past.
about the old dreams i had
which have since been replaced
by others.
how i loved smelling that air again.
having to watch my step
walking over those trails,
instead of crossing busy streets.
and how sweet to see my girls
becoming acquainted
with what i always thought
they would know from infancy.
and how gratifying to see avi
unstoppable and fearless on those rocks,

"find me another one to climb!"
"did you see that, dad?"
"i'm climbing hard, mama!"

and i may never live in boulder
like i'd always dreamed.
my kids don't know prana
or what 5.10 means.
but today it was enough
just to take them
to my past.


Sue said...

These photos are delightful. I especially love the ones of your girls laughing, the kite flying, the baby parked on a rock, and Avi climbing "hard."

I so appreciate your blog, which I never fail to find enchanting.


di said...

beautifully written. what memories to cherish!

Susan said...

Beautiful photos! The Jen you describe is the one I met in YW and fell in love with!

happyfamily said...

I visited there with you for a few minutes once, remember? Good times. I love boulder just because of that visit. Looks like you're recovering nicely! What a beautiful fam!

uniquelynat said...

OK. I am sooo in love!!

I just clicked over here from charity martushev's and i am SO glad i did! i love your blog. you have a gift of writing.

i hope you don't mind if i follow along. :)

Davian said...

i'm sorry, didn't you have a baby a week ago? two years after violet, i'm not sure i am up for that hike you just did.

brooklyn said...

i love this post ...(and all the rest of yours). the pictures are gorgeous. i've been thinking about this a lot lately. i have a wistful longing for my kids growing up in the mountains like i did, but it's just not likely. it's hard to reconcile with the idea that any childhood could possibly measure up to a childhood free in nature.

Jeff said...

Nice post, Jen! I was up there a couple days ago, haunting my old haunts again...
I will never forget climbing with you up there...your first climb was on the "Cookie Jar" boulder, and you flopped yourself on top...hilarious! Now those were some good times...!