Monday, November 9, 2009

from 2 to 3, and 4 to 5

so, yes.
there is something marvelous
to be said for
only having to show up
to your own child's birthday party.
hats off to sticky fingers
for making
2 to 3 and 4 to 5
a wonderfully memorable experience.

the birthday girls
and their little guests
first decorated their own chef hats.

then moved into the kitchen
for some hands-on culinary instruction.
on the menu:
upside down pasta
with fresh tomatoes,
brie cheese,
and chopped fresh basil.

a recipe
i, myself,
will be adding to my repertoire.

and then, of course,
the moment we had all waited for,
the candles and the cupcakes.

two happy birthday girls,
and one non-stressed, well-rested,
and very content mama.

birthdays 2009, check!


Mindi said...

Happy Birthday Milla and Avi!! That party looked like so much fun... and yummy on top! And I love the idea of just showing up for your own party... maybe one of these days, I will try it. :) You are going to have yourself two little helpers from now on.. if you don't already. :)

Charity said...

SO cute. Ella as the same shirt that Avi is wearing. I love that print...
Hope to see you guys here in Utah. I has been entirely too long my friend.
Happy Birthday Milla!
Happy Birthday Avi!
Welcome to the world Baby Prokhorov!

Any name yet?


MwH said...

What a fun birthday!! Are you ever going to name your baby?

christine said...

Looks like fun! Just think-- next year you'll have 3 birthdays to celebrate at once! :).

Ann said...

The pasta looked perfect. Brie....yum. And I love the picture of the two of them blowing out the candles together. So sweet.