Monday, November 2, 2009


i really thought
i'd be missing halloween this year.
instead, there was no time
to sit around recovering.
and with babe in arms,
we dove right into the festivities.

the carving,

the poking holes,

the way too much sugar,
(but don't worry, those trick-or-treat bags
are already hidden and forgotten),

and a night of good clean fun
at the forney transportation museum.
it was the perfect activity
for dorothy and our little bride--
small crowds, candy, games,
tricycles, trains--
all among the antique cars.

they even fell into
the costume contest--
and the one who was yelling
during the judges' deliberation:
"mama!  when am i going to be done???"

. . .  was the one
who ended up with second prize.

that's my girl!

and our first outing
as a family of five
was a smashing success.


Mindi said...

That a girl... NOTHING slows you down! Not even the fact that you just popped out a third child!! :) Impressive. Sure glad Avi won the contest (2nd place), because up until that photo I wasn't sure she was having much fun. :) Sending you love.

Hey. What's that little man's name?!

Happy Halloween Prokhorovs!

Sue said...

I loved the Dorothy costume, too.


MwH said...

so r u ever going to tell us his name? cute costumes!!!!