Tuesday, November 10, 2009


what's in a name, really?
such an arbitrary thing.
i remember my brother naming his firstborn
long before he was born,
and my thinking how great that was,
how i wanted to do the same.
to be able to place a name
with not a face, but a kick;
to enhance the reality
of my becoming a parent;
to know exactly who it was i was greeting,
as they came into this world
slippery and screaming.

well, it didn't happen that way.
not with my first, not with my second.
and with the third,
well, there was so much talk
around the house for 5 months
about the impending arrival
of our beloved братик (little brother),
that he was called by no other name.

and when he arrived
and still didn't have a name,
and didn't have a name,
and didn't have a name. . .
well, he's still братик.
and i realized how pathetic it was,
when a stranger was asking milla
what her 10-day-old brother's name was,
and she had to answer,
"i don't know."

well, we did choose a name.
and we did finally tell the girls
that he does have a real name,
not just братик,
as he was so affectionately called
for so long.
but the arbitrariness is so hard to hurdle--
we have yet to call it to his face,
like it as we do.
so in the meantime,
while i still have a hard time
saying it to him,
i can at least say it to you.

meet andreas alexander.


lovely lindsay said...

such a handsome name!
but can't you just imagine his older sisters years from now still calling him "little brother?" i love that.
love, lindsay

i wish wish wish i could read the russian...must learn.

Ann said...

That picture is so great. He looks beautiful. Love the name.

DeAnn said...

I love it.

happyfamily said...

We had (have) kind of the same problem. I mean, Clark seems like a respectable name for our now 7 month old son to be called when he is in school, a working man, a regular human being. But, it's still a little hard for us to call him that, and to us, he goes usually by his nicknames- spunky or spunk.

I think it is arbitrary, really. Everyone has to grow into it.

And that is a great picture. It's kind of fun having someone new around all the time, huh?

christine said...

I love the name. What a precious family you have. I'm so lucky I get to count them as my family, too. Can't wait to see you on Friday!

Julie said...

Love it!

Emma said...

I felt the same way for several weeks, which surprised me since we had the name picked out pretty much from the time we knew she was a girl. You picked a great name, though. He will grow into it.

MwH said...

Love it. He looks just like an Andreas. He sure is a handsome person. He's got a knowing little face.

Sweetpea in France said...

Yup. little brother he will always be and one day a big brother for his sisters.. but Andreas Alexander is a very 'strong personality name' for a baby, boy or man and i am sure he will thank you for such. Lovely!
Hello Andreas Alexander!

Amy said...

that's a beautiful name. We had such a hard time naming our bratik too. We still have a hard time settling on which name of the 3 he was given to call him (or maybe it should just be something else all together) and he is already 1. Anyways maybe he'll pick when he gets old enough to talk.

brooklyn said...

i love the name! both of them! dave and i remarked how international it sounds. it's solid.

we've had major trauma of our little one's name (i STILL don't know what to call her!) She's almost nine months and we've switched four times and i've thought about legally changing it...but i have nothing to change it to. i'm just barely starting to be OK with her everyday nick name and formal name for introductions. ahh, it's all so stressful.

brooklyn said...

btw--he's absolutely positively stunningly handsome!

Bess said...

Perfect name for such a handsome little man.

Sue said...

Great name!

Davian said...

i can't believe you named your baby after diego instead of after steve :) take your time though you may, you guys are really good at the baby-naming.

Lyndsay said...

Oh he's so darling!! I love the onesie and that photo. :) Congrats!