Wednesday, November 4, 2009


'i have no name:
i am but [seven] days old'

what shall i call thee?

'i happy am
joy is my name'

sweet joy befall thee!

-william blake


Mindi said...

So sweet. He looks like his sisters.. so what are you calling him, if he has no name? Little brother? :)

Sounds like Colorado rules about naming babies before you leave the hospital are different than the ones I have experienced in NYC.

katie said...

he is so beautiful. congratulations!

MwH said...

We're calling him Gus around here -- until you name him of course. . . :) He sure is beautiful!

Sweetpea in France said...

Oh he is so marvellous a cherub with his dark hair and square "Russian"??? face. Even if you had chosen a name beforehand, knowing that the unborn wonder was a little boy, I quite understand the need to wait until a name is chosen. A name is extremely important. We are whom we are named! So perhaps he is growing into a name that you have for him... or he is helping you to find a different and special name for him, that you all agree upon!!

My daughter was set on one name for her child, my grand-daughter and it was several days before she was "named" as my daughter's friends took the name she had chosen ... and then I was glad because I preferred the final name ... though I don't much like the abbreviated form of Francesca which I resist emphatically! I named my children with 4 syllable names and avoided any names ending in the sound uh/a!!! It was a foible of my family which I broke the rules for!! But look there it returns! My daughter chooses a name ending in uh/a!
A king resplendent will have his name when the name becomes him!

Susan said...

He is so beautiful!

Grettir said...

How about Bering...after Vitus Bering, the man for whom the Bering Sea/Strait were named? Granted, the original Vitus Bering was born in Denmark, but he spent his career in the Russian Navy.

I just like the idea of calling him "Bear," for short. He looks like a little cub, doesn't he?

I hope his sisters are ready for him!

Sue said...

A beautiful boy...and yes, great cause for joy.