Monday, November 16, 2009

one like you

"mom, how much longer
are we going to be at the store?"

"i just have to pick out
a couple of christmas presents, mims.
why don't you go over there
and look at the girl stuff?"

(disappears and returns
with merchandise)
"mom, i want one of these.
how old do i have to be
to wear one of these?"

"one of those?
why do you want one of those?"

"i want one cause
i want one like you!"

"can i take your picture, babe?"

"with it on?"

"i think just like that will do."


Mindi said...

so sweet... and so innocent. i love it! watch out, it won't be long before she is old enough for one of those. enjoy.

DeAnn said...

Remember when we tried on coats at Burlington Coat Factory and took pictures? :)

Davian said...

that's funny. just the past couple of days violet has been asking to put mine on.

Charity said...

Oh my goodnes. That is awesome! Please don't let that day come too quickly!