Monday, November 23, 2009

tiny baby

he is as sweet as it gets
and i am loving every minute of his little babyhood
that is way too short.
he is so tiny, i love to heft him
(because there's hardly anything to heft),
i love to wrap my one hand across his hips,
marveling that his whole body
fits in the palm of my hand,
i love to cuddle him tight
until he's almost rolled into a little ball,
like he was so long inside of me,
i love to stroke his head and feel my hands
gliding over those strands
of the finest and smoothest silk,
i love to watch his big eyes
blinking and calmly letting seep in
the world around him
with such intent and quiet curiosity,
i love to nuzzle my nose into his hair,
his neck or into the line of his baby's breath,
and breathe deep the scent sweeter than honey,
i love to watch his undeveloped nerves
controlling the quick and awkward
punches and kicks of those tiny arms and legs,
i love to watch his facial expressions
change in rapid succession
and in tandem with his erratic breathing
as he sleeps and wonder
how he can feel rested after such fitful sleep,
i love to see him all swaddled up
in a little log,
unable to move yet perfectly content--
my little bundle of pure happiness
just waiting for me to kiss his soft cheeks
and etch these fleeting moments
into my memory for safe keeping,
as heaven well knows
he won't be my tiny baby
for much longer. . .


Olga said...

Дорогая Джен!
Не перестаю удивляться тому как сын похож на отца!
Счастья вам.
С любовью Ольга.

Sue said...

Yeah. What Olga said.


Davian said...

what a gorgeous picture, and you captured all those fleeting moments so perfectly. what a sweet time.

Olga said...

I said:"The son resembles his father." Excellently!