Tuesday, December 29, 2009


to be happily wed
for 8 years
is not to be taken lightly.
the fears of binding myself
to another soul until the end of time
all fully warranted--
translated into years of
ups and downs,
highs and lows,
ins and outs,
goods and bads,
but oh-so-many goods. . .

and so i feel proud to celebrate.
lucky to be with him.
grateful to have it so good.

to you, my favorite!
and to 8 delightful years!


Sue said...

Happy anniversary. You have created a darling family together.

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

uniquelynat said...

happy anniversary! and the story must go on and on..... it just gets better!

Carl said...

Eight Years!! It can't be eight years! It was just last week that we left Preston in five feet of snow to travel to Denver for your wedding! It can't be eight years...Congratulations!! we love you! Carl and Marilyn

brooklyn said...

congratulations! i love the peeks at the life you guys have made!