Friday, December 18, 2009


what i did was criminal.
absolutely criminal.
you might call it tampering with a mailbox.
which is a federal offense.
and stealing a letter to santa,
of all things!
cold hearted.

but she drew her very first picture
on the back!
a lovely, perfect
little picture of santa!
my barely 3-year-old!
i was in love!
and while she wasn't looking,
i confiscated the masterpiece
marveled at its genius
and filed it away for safe-keeping.

she'll forgive me someday, right?
i mean, i did,
for the record,
make a photo copy of the front
to seal up and send off to the north pole.
nobody ever told me
that santa doesn't take photo copies. . .


Sue said...

Wow. That's a lot of detail for a three-year-old. Looks like she might have inherited some of her mom's talent!


brooklyn said...

love that! such a cute picture!!! (and i steal almost all of my kids letters. i figure i'll appreciate much more than the recipient, and keep it for them to have later--call me evil).

ps. i made my blog private. email your address if you are interested...brooklyn.cook at hotmail