Thursday, December 17, 2009


dear pea pod:
it was exactly three years ago
that i was here in this house
caring for another newborn:
otherwise known as your sister.
now as sweet as she was
(and is),
she exacted of me
one back-breaking 45-minute session
of rocking every single night.
i would sing to her
every single christmas song
i could come up with.
and when i'd finally sung
all 108 of them,
i'd tiptoe down the stairs
and carefully and skillfully
place her in bed,
taking care not to screw up,
or we were to start
on christmas song #83 again.

now you, my dear son,
are another story.
are what is sometimes known as
a dream.
when it's your bedtime,
i wrap you up tight,
kiss your little cheeks
to get my fill,
sing you a couple of christmas tunes
just for my own pleasure,
and lay you down in my bed,
with your eyes still open.
then i tear myself away from you,
and you nod off to sleep
all by your very self.
like i said, dream.
just don't wake me from it.

but what i have to tell you,
dear boy,
is that i have thoroughly enjoyed
being bed partners for these six weeks.
i have loved going to sleep
next to you,
and waking to your little grunts
and whimpers.
but after tonight,
i regret to say,
you are being replaced
by your father.
you won't go far,
and you can come back to visit,
but i must say,
i am looking forward
to having my old bed partner back.

but don't you quit
being my dream.

1 comment:

lovely lindsay said...

you lucky, lucky mama. i'm certain that my wee boy has forgotten how to sleep all together.
love, lindsay

finally ordered those oksana grivina books. they are so so so cool! can't wait for him to unwrap them.