Wednesday, December 9, 2009

jingle bells

it seems
four score and three years ago
we bought her that little 1/16.
and it was something like
six score and two years ago
that she started asking for one

we searched and we combed moscow
to try to find a teacher for her.
in vain.
russians subscribe more
to the attitude:
"you want to play violin?
go to music school
and make it your life."
instead of the
"we'd love it if she learned
to play the violin"
attitude that we have.

but i did know
that our attitude is a bit more
commonplace in a place like america.
and so we brought
the little number with us.
and upon arrival
pronto found ourselves
a lovely instructor
to take upon herself--

and what has 2 1/2 months of lessons
(and patience and persistence)
yielded us?
a happy little girl
that can
whip out not only
twinkle, twinkle,
but jingle bells
and santa claus is coming to town.
a mother that gets so proud
when she listens
that she loses her breath.


Julie said...

That is so cool. Can you post a video? I'd love to listen myself.

happyfamily said...

That's great. I wonder if we'll ever get to that phase with our kids. I too would love to listen.

Olga said...

Это будет первым номером в концерте,которые мы так любим устраивать с девочками,когда вы вернетесь