Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pillow notes

with a grandma under the weather
and the advent calendar's instruction
to "do an act of service,"
it seemed only fitting
to finally induct them into
the art of pillow notes.

and i know that finding those surprises
tucked under their pillows
for my parents
was oh-so-reminiscent
of some 25 years ago
when i was the little one
so lovingly crafting my own messages,
usually when they were gone for the evening.
i'm pretty sure they loved
coming home to find them,
in fact, i'm pretty sure some have them
have even survived the years,
buried somewhere
in my mother's keepsakes.

and now i pass on
this happy tradition.


Davian said...

does that mean you were the good kid or the bad kid? in my family, my sister was the one to leave the pillow notes, in the hopes that the sweetness of the gesture would make up for her misbehavior the rest of the time :)

uniquelynat said...

hey! i did that! and right- usually while mom & dad were out for the evening. they got an especially memorable one (from a brotheR) that is still a running joke. (maybe a future blog post? hmmm)

anyway- i love love your advent! i was just sharing the idea with a friend of mine today. we think- possible "super saturday" project?

hope the pillow notes helped gramma feel better!