Thursday, December 10, 2009

project #4

the first time
we took milla to paris
she was five months old.
and i remember a friend saying to me,
"oh, she's going to hate you
for that someday!"


"because she'll never remember it!"

yes, i'm pretty sure
she doesn't remember that trip.
but that was inspiration
for project #4:
the travel journal.

lest she forget!


Mindi said...

LOVE IT!!! It is going to be full in no time! Better be working on a volume 2... for all three, in fact.

Davian said...

that's funny--just last night steve was saying that violet's going to hate US for taking her to russia when she was only a year old. we're willing to risk it.

the scrapbook is adorable! she will love it.

Sue said...

What a perfect gift. I love the idea of having little quotes on some of the pages, too.


greta said...

can you make on for me.... I haven't gone anywhere but would love to pretend!! really it is amazing and she will LOVE it.