Monday, December 7, 2009

santa's house

the weather conditions
made our little trek to the clubhouse
ideally romantic.

and directly upon arrival
the anticipated guests
gave us such a warm greeting.
and while santa himself
made avi a little nervous,
she was glad for the female version
sitting nearby with her peppermint candy earrings.
she opted to jump into this lap.

while both shy and giddy milla
took a minute to warm up
(hiding behind mama)
but then jumped into
santa himself's lap.

i was proud to hear them
state only one wish each.
even when they were asked,
"is that all?"
(though that doesn't mean
when i take her to michael's
she isn't picking up every single item
and telling me she wants it for christmas.
even that mailbox her same height
that she drug to me
from another aisle.
"now that, milla,
is a necessity.")

milla asked for
a princess sticker book,
and avi "ice skating."
(she's never been)

we then proceeded to enjoy
sipping hot cocoa
and eating treats
as the snow continued to fall around us.

milla put her wish
into written form
to hand to santa,
so he wouldn't forget.

and then we made the trek back home.

"mama, i really liked santa's house."
"i love santa."
"i love that girl, that i sit on her lap."
"that was mrs. claus, avi."
"yeah, that's santa's cousin."


uniquelynat said...

yes i am one of those stalker people. I don't quite remember how i found your blog. all i know is it was about the time you gave birth to your sweet boy. and i have been enjoying it ever since. i love the way you express your thoughts! you are so creative. thanks for letting me take a peek!

your girls are adorable! can't wait to take my kids to see santa. and mrs. claus.....BRILLIANT IDEA!

merry christmas!!!

Charity said...

Nat- You found it thorough me! Banner aka Jen was one of my comps on the mission!
That was so cute! I loved that you had not only Santa but his "cousin" as well. What a treat!
Hope to see you guys in January!

Sue said...

It was fun to read the comment from a fellow complete stranger who has become a devout "O Charm of Nothingness" enthusiast! I found your blog quite a bit longer ago than uniquelynat (on Segullah, actually). The title intrigued me at first; then I arrived and heard the music, read the words that are almost visual, and saw those darling girls... to say nothing of the fantastic scenery and interesting tidbits of life overseas. Needless to say, I have been an avid reader ever since.

Your blog is a little work of art each day, and I like it.
It's one of my favorites, and I am forever telling people to come and experience it.