Tuesday, December 15, 2009


it's been one of their favorites--
something they looked forward to
every monday and friday morning.

when their only swimming experience
was on those couple of vacations
we take a year,
i figured america was also
the perfect opportunity
to get them some cheap swim lessons.
they were virtually on the same level,
so we stuck them together
in some private lessons with roberta.
i even wondered if avi
would do better than milla,
as she was unhindered by fear
like milla was.
but milla quickly passed her up,
after avi refused to get into the water
for lessons 2, 3, and 4.
she finally got back into it
and has made great progress.
but milla.
what a champ!
to see her swimming
a good 10 feet on her own. . .

it's beautiful.
and i lament the fact
that the last lesson will be friday.
is our time here
really drawing to a close?


Mindi said...

Avi. What a doll! Way to go Milla! Sounds like you have made the absolute most of your time in America. And making lasting memories to take back with them... along with their brother. :)

Carl said...

Hi, the computer gave me the option for a comment!!!Yaaa. I love your blog Jen. The photos and words are so beautiful. Love you; Marilyn