Friday, December 4, 2009

the tree

there really is
about having a christmas tree
in the house.
instant romance.
instant coziness.
instant festivity.
instant spirit.
instant cheer.
instant magic.

and putting it up
is half the fun.

and when all the lights are down
and there's nothing but the glow
from the tree--
now that's worth waiting for
all year long.


Olga said...

Милле и Ави

Так скучаю-
Сна не знаю,
Кушать забываю.
Все сижу и все гадю:
Свидимся ль?Не знаю...

Anonymous said...

тоже скучаю...
до уже скорой

Melanie said...

I love Christmas trees too!! I think we are going to go get ours on Monday!
Hey, I forgot to mention, I have a Trader Joes not too far from me, let me know if you need me to hit it up for you, I would be glad to.

Sue said...

Wow, your tree is gorgeous!

Mine is sitting, undecorated, in the middle of my living room floor, and I fear it will stay that way until this weekend.

Yikes. I am just so behind.