Thursday, January 28, 2010


it's 2.84 degrees out there.
87% humidity.
it bites.
i'm not ashamed to say
that i took the clan out
for the first time this week just tonight.
who wants to be out in that stuff?
i don't think it's been
more than a few degrees warmer
since we got here.
the pediatrician
has us droppering the baby vitamins,
to ensure he gets enough vitamin d.
we are sunshine-starved.


Mindi said...

2.84?! Guess you have to count every fraction of the degree when you are dealing with numbers that low... and I can't imagine what 87% humidity on top of that feels like. Definitely, unless you otherwise have to, stay inside!

Davian said...

was that picture taken mid-afternoon, as well?

Ann said...

How is it that most views out of Russian windows look the same? I'm impressed you made it out at all. Hang in there. The sun will come.

brooklyn said...

I love your blog.

Sue said...

YIKES. That's cold.


PS. I love your blog, too.

uniquelynat said...

that picture...this post...

it all make me wonder how my arizona native EVER survived 2 years in that country! but it doesn't stop me from wanting to go visit.

Shannon said...

Yuck. I must say, I'm LOVING winter in Southern China. I'm not a fan of snow or cold, so I'll take a 58-70 degree F. winter anytime! (Not really looking forward to summer though... guess you can't have everything.)