Monday, January 18, 2010

fine. just fine.

halfway around the world, that's all.
but home.

on that road trip my girls kept asking
when we were going to get
to the airport.
and on thursday, they finally did.

the trip was relatively incident-less.
my anxiety about the baggage peaked
that final day,
as i had laid out the rest
of what needed to be packed on the bed,
and it became clear
we were going to have to purchase
that 8th bag.
and they were still going to be
(remember the good old days
with 70 lb limits?
and we just barely made the cutoff
for free second bags per person)
so that last night we went out and bought
our 8th bag.
when we came home and started filling it,
and throwing them on the bathroom scale,
there were lots of 55's going around.
then the Lord saw fit
to send us one of those tender mercies. . .
and alex pulled a suitcase from the pile
that felt unusually light.
alas, it had gotten skipped
in the packing progress.
all my fears melted away
in an instant, and 5 pounds
from every suitcase was thrown in
we even got avi's new passport
picked up
at 7:30 am from a closed fedex sorting facility
(these sorts of miracles
are alex's specialty).

but really, my kids
are all now at a fairly easy travel age.
if you don't mind
a pair of wet pants,
too many movies,
some mild breakdowns,
an eighth trip to the bathroom,
and force feeding them
what you're having a hard time
choking down yourself. . .
it's not so bad.
the baby was his typical angel self,
and the girls
didn't even force me
to pull all my tricks out of my pockets.

and they love those
airplane emergency instruction cards.
"mom, what's that for?"
"why is she putting that on her face?"
and i've got to sit and explain everything,
walking on eggshells
so as not to scare anyone
(including myself)
about an airplane crash.
"and that's in case the airplane
lands in the water,
it helps you swim."
"mom, i want the airplane to crash."
"why, avi?"
"so we can go on the slide. . ."


Josie said...

Welcome back Jen. See you when your 10-14 days of jet lag are over :).

Julie said...

So glad you made it back safely. It was great seeing everyone.

Carrie said...

Glad you made it home. I've got a husband who specializes in little miracles too. Isn't it great?