Friday, January 8, 2010


want to know what i'm doing
this fine friday night?
i'm sipping a frothy root beer.
because i still can.
and what did i do this afternoon?
i went to target. again.
because i still can.
i am making the very most
of these final days in this land-o-plenty.
less than a week!
and it's back across that expansive ocean.

how was the trip?
except that i didn't see very many
of those i would have loved to.
but there's always
next time. . .


Anonymous said...

i would have loved to have seen you, but there is only one of you to go around. i'm glad you enjoyed your trip. oxoxojannica

Amy said...

I am so so sad that I wasn't able to see you. Thanks so much for trying. I went to Southern Cal. for a wedding. love you, and travel safely,

mer said...

I know!!! So wish I paths would have crossed. Sure you can't stay in Colo until Feb? :)