Friday, January 29, 2010


the russians consider it bad luck
to gift knives.
the way to get around the luck fairies?
request a kopeck
from the person you are gifting to.
that way, it's as if
they were "buying" the knives--
at least the fairies
are tricked.

i can remember buying
one knife in my entire life.
the rest were gifted to me
(i mean, "i bought")
from my mother-in-law.
but of all the different knives
she has given me,
i keep going back to the same ones:
some simple steak knives
from switzerland.
i use them for absolutely everything.
bread, vegetables, cheese, fruit. . .
anything that lands
on my cutting board.
i love them.
and they only cost me
a kopeck.


Amanda said...

I do the same thing. The steak knives are the only knives that fit my small hands and I don't end up cutting myself with. Congrats on making home, I hope the sun comes out soon.

Christine said...

Hey Jen,

This is hilarious. Now I know why I got the reaction I got when I gave my host family a knife as a thank you gift. Ha ha!

Love to catch up on your life. Congrats on moving soon. Hooray!!

JaneH said...

Yep.....that a true thing. I have always heard that you didn't give knives as gifts because it would cut you friendship. So you just exchanged the knife for a penny. Isn't it funny how we seem to have your favorite. I have used the same one, for everthing I need cut or chopped. Have had it for about 20 years.