Tuesday, January 19, 2010

no joke

and after the 5th or 6th attempt
at waking her from the dead,
dancing with her around the room,
bouncing her on my lap,
tickling her,
and generally torturing her,
i am about to give up.
it is 7:30 pm--
time for naps to be over!
and then who do you think
will be partying, come 5:30 am?
of course we've come a long way--
that first night
we were up for the day by 11 pm.
yes, up for the day.
and last night i couldn't get to sleep
until 8 am.
jet lag is no joke, folks.
if you could only hear avi
whining and crying right now,
as she is finally starting to stir:
"mama, i want to have a nap!"
"avi, we need to be awake in the day time"
and as she looks at the pitch black
out the window,
"look how night it is!"


Davian said...

i'm not sure we quite believed you until we did it ourselves. man, it was killer.

Ann said...

So, so hard. Can't imagine. I hope you can just slumber like bears for a couple weeks without too many responsibilities. Good luck.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

That's funny! Little sleepy head!

Olga said...

Спящая Красавица.(достойная иллюстрация к сказке)

Shannon said...

oh the joys of jet lag... Melly was a lifesaver and kidnapped us from our home every day for the first 4 days and just kept us going and going so there was no chance to even SIT anywhere, let alone sleep. The days were long and tiring, but we all SLEPT through the nights no problem!

Sue said...

That's always tough on me, and I've never done it with small children. i can't even imagine.


Lindsay Van Orden said...

LOVE the picture. and the post was good too, i guess. :) SO glad you came home for a while. i miss you already sis! dont' stay away too long. your daughters will need to meet their cousin....!