Thursday, January 21, 2010

old pillow

and i keep wondering
when that colossal mountain of clothing
is going to put itself away. . .

what is it like
to come home
after a virtually 6-month absence?
i forgot where i keep my cheese grater.
i can't stand my old favorite pillow.
it took me a minute to find
the highly-used recirc button in my car.
i wondered why our bottled water
that we also run through a brita filter
still was tasting terrible--
to later discover that the inside of the pitcher
was lined with mold.
i glanced down at the speedometer in my car
out of habit,
with the realization that i don't think
i've ever looked at it before.
i'm sharpening back up
my aggressive driving skills
and hauling those 10 bags in the door,
alex declared that unpacking
used to be a sort of fun game,
but the joke isn't funny anymore.
we are bursting at the seams
in our 550 square feet.
and alas,
our time has come
to search for a new abode.


Emma said...

And I thought we were barely getting by with 3 of us in 450 square feet. Good luck with the search!

DeAnn said...

550 square feet?! I thought we were dying with 1200! We're looking forward to 2400 in our new home in Ohio next week.

LKC said...