Wednesday, January 27, 2010


now let me tell you
about the paradox
that lives in this apartment.
i feel it necessary
to do the laundry almost every day.
because my laundry basket is full.
now i know my laundry basket
is really quite small.
and it is shared by 5 people.
and since one load of laundry
takes half a day to do,
i figure i should try to keep on top of it.
besides, if the basket is full,
where are we going to start
putting dirty laundry?

but then,
every time i put clean clothing away,
i think:
why do i do laundry so often?
there is nowhere to put this stuff,
as i go shoving things
into overstuffed drawers.
i really should do laundry less often,
then these drawers
wouldn't be so full all the time.

do you see my paradox?
it's a no-win.

my closet?
i have one.

just one.
it serves as a pantry,
a utility closet,
a filing cabinet,
a food storage,
a craft supply corner,
and a garage
all in one.
and i'll tell you what:
i've officially quit trying.
no more organization,
no more rhyme or reason,
i am just stuffing things
wherever i see a spare square inch.

the good news?
alex was handed
a set of shiny new keys yesterday,
money was exchanged
(alright, in one direction),
and signatures were signed.

i'm so excited,
sleep eludes me!


Mindi said...

Wow! That was fast! Can't wait to hear more about it. Have you already unpacked from your last trip? (Probably huh?) But if not, then there eight less bags of stuff that you have to repack!! The moving process is never fun... but the thought of more rooms and closet space even excites me! ... Our day will come.. Good luck!

happyfamily said...

That's so great! We've been looking for a place for a few months- it's hard to find the "perfect" one. Happy for you!

Susan said...

photos!photos! I can't wait to see the new place!

Davian said...

it really is all about the storage--after a year with loads of space and no storage, we were happy switch for no space and a couple of well-designed walk-in closets. congrats on the new place. can't wait to hear more about it.

sweetpeainfrance said...

Aaaahhhh Jen.. now I am disillusioned... I thought you would be neat and tidy in all areas and now I find you are human, really!!! THE problem about LIFE is that one collects even when one does not wish to, especially if one is of a creative disposition, such as you. I too, though my creativity is at an all time low! Since living in the SMALL French cottage I have gathered plastic boxes of TEFL resources, having been forced to discard copious contents of such boxes before left UK!, clothes, books, etc etc because we just don't have sufficient cupboard space... or to look at it in another way i am collecting and keeping too much, even though I live with a minimalist!!
Here, the linen cupboard, which contains my lifetime family photos in boxes, since the last move 5 years ago, still has not yet been pruned! You may find that you do not wish to release yourself of childhood treasures... yours and your offsprings. THAT was a real problem for me ... and then THE two of them had to take it and the responsibility to keep or dispose of. My daughter reveals stuff from her childhood and mine as she presents things for her daughter! It has come about because of frugality I think. Waste not, want not. In my case I had little from my childhood so hoarded too much as a parent. Now I think that a lot of my stuff is quite unnecessary and I welcome the day when I am brave enough to create a "vide-grenier" stall!
Maybe your new home will have more space... and then you can gather more things!!! JOY... ENJOY the 3 little ones! SweetpeainFrance

Shannon said...

I wanna hear more! How many rooms, sq. ft. etc? Hoorah for you guys! I was wondering how you were going to fit three kids into your place...