Monday, January 11, 2010


you know,
i don't know if you're like me,
but my respect and appreciation
for my parents
grows exponentially
with each passing day.
and it's unfortunate,
though i think inevitable,
that we can't even begin to grasp
what parents do and give
to their children
in birthing and rearing them,
until we are actually in their shoes.

i knew my parents were wonderful
all along.
but what i didn't realize then
is how exceptional they had to be
to do all they did for us.
for all six of us kids.
the trips they took us on.
the easter dresses and halloween costumes,
the extra job he took when necessary.
the sack lunches
and square meals she put together
every day.
the job charts and allowance,
the family home evenings,
the date nights with them,
the summer home schooling,
the family journals,
the birthday parties,
the handmade dolls,
the piano lessons,
the backyard garden. . .
i could go on and on. . .

how did they do it all???
where did they get
their superhuman powers?

and i am now left
with the photographs and the memories
reminding me
of the path they laid out for me,
the path of the superhero--
the challenge to give all to mine
that they gave to me.
to endlessly strive
to live up to the expectations
i have for myself
because of who they were and are.


DeAnn said...

Beautiful. I think the same things all the time. I wish I could have appreciated my parents when they needed it most! It's a tough job.

uniquelynat said...

beautiful post. and my thoughts exactly! sounds so like my own parents & upbringing i could have written this post! only i didn't :)...maybe i'll steal it and change the pictures! HA just kidding. thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts about your superheroes!!!

Davian said...

no kidding. i don't know how they did (and do) it. it makes me feel that i am nowhere near qualified to be a parent myself. the only thing that gives me hope is the thought that perhaps our parents felt this way thirty years ago, before they did all those things.

christine said...

you're makin' me cry, jen! love those pics. i feel exactly the same way.