Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 things

and so we have this game
that we play once in awhile among friends.
it's called,
name three things.
so far, what we've had to name
was three things we like about moscow
(okay it was born as therapy for some).

well the other day
i asked alex
to name three things he like about new york.
(we had very different experiences there,
i.e. he worked, i didn't)
well one of his three things
was a chocolate ganache torte
that i made on his birthday.
now if something like that
was one of the most memorable things
about living in that city for three years,
i've clearly been depriving him
ever since.

and so yesterday
to celebrate the 23rd of february,
defenders of the nation day
(or in general, "men's day")
i whipped up alice waters'
chocolate pave
(or flourless cake).
he said it was the most delicious thing
he's ever eaten.
(i'll send you the recipe
if you want)

although he's not one of the ones
that has to go scrounging
to come up with
three things about moscow. . .


Christine said...

Hey Jen! I love your posts. They keep me grateful for my mellow winter out here in Utah. I would love the recipe of this...only if it's not a hard one. My life is filled with easy, quick recipes these days with 3 boys running wild.

Sue said...

I would love this recipe too, if it's not tricky. I'm not that talented in the kitchen.


OnGod'sErrand said...

My theory is: let him think that some things can only be found in NYC. Maybe he'll want to come back:)

Jodi said...

Recipe please.... sounds delish!

DeAnn said...

I'd love the recipe. Now to think of 3 things about Ohio since I'm still missing Wisconsin...