Thursday, February 25, 2010


as i remember it,
milla at avi's age now
was into puzzles.
sure, she would dance around in circles
quite a bit, loved music,
and of course books.
but mostly puzzles.

it's all about the imagination.
castles, balls, dragons, babies, picnics. . .
she can go on and on.
and in general
i'm not so good at coming up with ideas
(i guess because she does it for me),
but this one was born
at the in-laws house,
as we were waiting for dinner.
we played airplane.
clear from ticket counter, to hotel.
and it was a hit.

so today we made the props.
passports, tickets and baggage tags for all.
now let the imaginative play
go wild.
(especially since we aren't going anywhere
these days. . .)


Ann said...

You are a stellar mother.

Susan said...

Isn't imaginative play the best? Anne's favorite was "primary." She set up her dolls and animals in chairs and would sit by the "bad" ones, put her arm around them, and say "when we sit quietly, it makes Jesus happy." And I would think to myself, oh no is that what I am saying to those poor ADD kids in my primary?!?

Amy Asay said...

You are incredibly creative. wow. what a fun idea!