Thursday, February 18, 2010

жигули на потолке

it's day 6
and i still can't find my socks.

though i will say,
we are making good progress.
at least towards being unpacked.
the boxes and bags are disappearing,
it's starting to look like we live here.

i took a break today
and took the kids to the playground
until we froze our toes,
and decided that called for
a cookie-making day
(a rare thing around here)
and avi and i ran home
and whipped up a batch of pumpkin cookies
with orange glaze.
i'm wondering if i should
go for number five or not.

i hung the first picture on the wall
in the hallway.
it's not in the right spot,
but it's the only nail i found
already in place
and it made me feel good
to see something hanging on the wall.

oh, such a long process. . .

and you,
wondering about the pictures?
well, let's just say
they will be coming in installments,
over the course of the next
several months.
we're furnishing the place from scratch,
and like i said,
long process.
we still lack a couch,
and table and chairs,
a bookshelf,
a buffet,
a bed.
you know, the details.
not to mention
all the curtains, rugs, wall hangings. . .

but tonight i will grace you
with one shot,
that of the living room chandelier.
a serious chandelier, 'tis.
the landlord
(and you can just picture her,
judging by who would choose this piece)
tells me it cost
the same as a russian car.

easy with the balls, kids!


Becky Cox said...

good luck decorating around that:) where did you move? same metro?

Susan said...

No, I can't wait for installments! I want to see it now! I am so excited for you guys. (I love those pumpkin cookies-and don't they just seem healthy even though they are not?)

Sweetpea in France said...

I just LOVE chandeliers! I could have bought a house with three but they didn't cover the cost of the renovations required! My own is sitting in a box waiting for a high ceiling! It's small compared to yours. I like small. Good luck in your new home.

Sweetpea in France said...

But ... a large chandelier in a large room would invite me to the ball. Hope you are dancing to the music under that there chandelier.

Davian said...

not bad. with that, who needs a sofa?

Shannon said...

how exciting.
3x the space? Does that mean you are in 1500 sf? The lap of luxury my friend! How exciting for you. I'd love a little more space but despite the lack of it, we are quite happy and learning to better utilize what we do have.