Tuesday, February 2, 2010


we got kicked out of our place today.

kicked out by the smell.
that $2 million apartment below us
finally got sold
and they are in there refinishing the floors.
the smell wafting up
is asphyxiating
and we decided to run for our lives.

in the meantime,
across the street
in our new apartment
wallpaper is being stripped
and walls painted
in preparation for us.

and so we sit,
at the in-laws with nobody home,
the snow and wind outside.
the girls play quietly and peacefully upstairs
(oh, blessed moments!),
while andreas and i
sit behind the computer
listening to chet baker and
trying to figure out how
to furnish our new place.
he was a big help
until he fell asleep on me.


Mindi said...

moving just across the street?! awesome!

your awake baby must be so much more helpful than mine ever were. i find I get so much more done when they are asleep... now to get them both asleep at the same time. might actually get something done around the house.

can't wait to see your new place.. .and how you decide to furnish it. ;) xo.

Mindi said...

oh, and sorry about the fumes... nice that you have a vacant place to hide out in for the time being.

Sweetpea in France said...

So... is Mindi responsilble for the fumes? Maybe not?
Andreas will be adored by the girls if he continues to be so handsome!

Ann said...

I like your new short do. I could never pull that off.